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Future Management

Distance E-learning Course by Nataliya Yudina

"In contrast to a very popular idea of the “black swans”, which are impossible to be predicted, most of unusual events have been actually predicted long before. One reason of such kind of fiction uncertainty is the loss of human ability to be wondered of new information. When we work in one market just and stay on the local mind area, this sphere makes our mind to be closed in this locality. It means that actually we are interested in extremely specialized processes just and this locality also corresponds with our mind, time and space. It is natural. It is much more comfortably even for a snail to stay in its shell and know nothing about deforestation within a few kilometres of the one side and fire within some kilometres of the other side. That is why humankind used to hear much information about different risks but not to wonder and implement it in activities. So now each of us has an opportunity to prepare himself or herself for the next unusual period of the future and governance this process."


Topic 1. Future vs History background.

Topic 2. Methodology of economic future studies.

Topic 3. Digital Economics of the Information society.

Topic 4. Technogenic Economics.

Topic 5. Economic Forecasting and Future Management.

Every Topic consists of some videos-consultations by Nataliya Yudina in accordance with the curriculum. The video-consultations form the system complex.

After every videos-consultation a Participant has to pass a Quiz. This process is automized and the qiuz results are available for the Participant immediately.

The general result of the course accumulates Partisipant's scores for passing quizzes. The 'Advanced' and the 'Personal' tariffs also assume some practical training assingments to make it possible for the Participant to develop the Participant's individual project and forecast. So these tariffs also include these scores into the general rating of the Participant. The Participant receives the Electronic Certificate, if the Participant has accumulated more than 60 % of the possible rate by passsing quizzes (for the "Basic" tariff) and also performed training (for the "Advanced" and "Personal" tariffs). Read more details about differences between tariffs in the Table below.

the 'BASIC'
Consulting videos + + +
Quizzes + + +
Practical assignments - + +
Author’s individual comments to performed assignments and trainings - + +
One individual Zoom-consultation with Nataliya Yudina (questions, personal cases) - - +
Electronic Certificate +
(rate is 60% and more)
(rate is 60% and more)
(rate is 60% and more)
PRICE 2800 UAH 4400 UAH 5800 UAH

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