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Behind-the-Scenes of the Book

Resurrection through Crucifixion: Michal Szpak. Nonfiction

It was unexpected for us very much when this text followed its own independent from us, unusual and long-term history. And from our point of view this behind-the-scenes is worth reading by every visitor, every author and every reader of our Portal because it proves that nothing is impossible in the Information Society, no space and time are there. These are some kinds of situations that every person should come through sooner or later… But even in the information chaos the answer to the question "What’s next?" can be found.

We had given a lot of thought about how best we should convey the meaning of words mentioned above … But we never found a better way for it other than the nonfiction style. It should let inferences be drawn by readers without any direction. So we just adduce the next chronology of the key facts.


There was a date of our first distance Multidisciplinary futurological forum "Management of the Future at the Turn of Technological Waves". Our editorial board decided to stand by open mike principles that meant any Person possibility to become an Author, express own opinion about the Future and be irrespective of skills, age or social status for it.

The editorial board chose the material "Resurrection through Crucifixion: Michal Szpak. Nonfiction"("Воскресение через Распятие: Михал Шпак. Nonfiction" by Natalija Yudina, one of our authors) to gain deeper insight into this idea. The title character of this text was MICHAL SZPAK, the talented and gifted vocalist with the uniquely voice, the Polish representative at the Eurovision song contest, the rock-star of global renown and the many-sided Artist.

So 27.07.2016 the Russian and the Ukrainian versions of this article were published.

This text gained the public discussion by its first readers in lightning speed. But there were very unusual readers for us as they could only be for this material… Yes, our first readers were the Title Character’s fans (for whom the article languages were native or familiar).

Thanks to all received comments and fans’ discussions, the article text acquired its continuation that was turning into a reality (or nonfiction) action. So when you read the article, please, also read the comments that have been written under the article by its readers. Please also read some reposts, links to social media discussions that we have been able to save. Here we cite just one of them:

chist_anna: Listen! It’s necessary Michal to read it. But this text needs a competent translation in Polish to be done because the translations by the site are just like ramblings... I know Polish a little but it’s more like conversational Polish. There are many professional words in your text. I think I will not be able to translate it…
chist_anna: It may be desired to be also shared on Facebook...

So the idea of the English translation of the article came up.


The English version of the text was published on the Portal #Futurolog with the title "Resurrection through Crucifixion: Michal Szpak. Nonfiction".

The English text received many comments from different countries like Poland, Italy, Austria, United Kingdom and Australia, Germany, etc. due to being available for reading by majority of the Artist’s fans all over the world.

The appearance of each next comment under the article or in social media discussions gave realizing and awaking to us that the article had begun integrating with the comments into a whole essential. It was something new and unexpected for us… The text seemed to be just a little tip of a real ‘iceberg’. It was a new facet or an autonomous chapter that started being opened (or more exactly – being written) on our pages about its uncommon READERS. The greatest thing of this was the fact that all these comments from different countries and cities were written by real Characters involved in the events this text had been written about. They confirmed practically all marketing research results that had been just obtained from distance! Read, please, for example:

Such the way each of these Readers began turning into a Co-Writer and a Co-Author of this text! Every comment opened a lot of information that had been outside the camera view… New facts have completed those events and they still let us discover the infinite Cosmos of the global multinational Fan-Community of Michal Szpak… Therefore we tried preserving every comment, repost and copies from an unintentional technical loss (when it was possible…) to save so valuable for us opinions of our crucial Readers of this text.

Look at all these foreign language comments, please (on the pages there is the Google-translator that should ease reading a little). (Unfortunately, from privacy policy of some Fan-Clubs we can’t publish other social media comments on our pages and define their content, all their warm-heartedness and Great Love even if we would like to do this very much… But we should say that those comments have made the author’s heart to beat actually too quickly)))

In consequence of such discussions the Fans of the Artist decided to translate the text into the Polish language!

So a very Creative Team of the Polish fans of the Artist with (Edyta Gd) at the head (the names of other Team members would be known for us after a little while) were allocated to make literary translation into Polish (we’ll tell about it later). During that time it was so touching for us receiving and reading letters and comments with questions about when the Polish translation would be ready. It was a rocky road with some prolongation… And we know that this wonderful Creative Team had too many sleepless nights. But due to all these special facts, in contrast to all other earlier versions, the Polish version of the text was acquiring and accumulating its true value. Waiting, belief, art, love, worldwide unity of fans and the global multinational Fan-Community were added into it. The special aura appeared around the Polish version. It’s like just as glass-blowers blow souls into New Year tree balls so the Polish text was filled with the beautiful souls of its Heroes!

And one day it was very surprising for us to receive the next comment:

It was very surprising for us because we had never been able to imagine that this material would be ever released as a book… , the more as it could be ever given to its Main Hero…

29.04.2017. Brussels. Belgium

(At the Picture: Michal Szpak and Edyta Gd) The presentation of the Book titled " Wskzeszenie przez Ukrzyżowanie: Michał Szpak. Nonfiction" (by Natalija Yudina)

As it was already mentioned above, the Polish Fans of Michal Szpak and their Creative Team were the idea Authors of the Book publishing in Poland.

The Fans of the Artist organized the presentation of the Book in the Polish language under the Polish name of "Wskrzeszenie przez Ukrzyżowanie: Michał Szpak. Nonfiction" (Natalija Yudina). The Nonfiction-Book was published in the exclusive “capsule collection” format by the Polish Fans. And they delivered and gave their special Book into hands of Michal Szpak in Brussels, Belgium after his concert abroad. It was stunning that this Book had made it all the long way to the Artist together with those his Fans, who come together from different towns across Poland and other countries to follow their Star in Brussels and were able to give this Book to the Main Hero!... It was infinitely amazing!!!..


Udostępniamy post Edyta Gd zamieszczony w naszej grupie dyskusyjnej, na temat artykułu naukowego o Michale. Edyta zajęła...

Опубликовано Michał Szpak OFC Вторник, 2 мая 2017 г.

The Official Fan-Club of Michal Szpak (OFC Michała Szpaka):
"... We’d like to propose you to read the post by (Edyta Gd) published in our discussion group about the nonfiction-article about Michal. Edyta took care that the first edition was released for Michal
Dears! As many of us know, in 2016 the Ukrainian market and futurolog Natalija Yudina wrote the nonfiction work about Michal:) In very few words - the author tries to answer the question why Michal as a “brand” is so much unique for his fans. She also analyses an item if iy pothe values that has been proposed us by Michal will be able to come through a reality check by time. July 15th 2016 the article titled «Воскресение через распятие: Михал Шпак. Nonfiction» (in English ‘Resurrection through Crucifixion: Michal Szpak. Nonfiction’) appeared on the scientific portal and in October the English version of it was republished. It was assumed between many of us that it would be worth to have a try at expanding of readership. So that is why now we can also propose to you the Polish version :) On Saturday April 29th Michal received a beautiful library binding work in the form of a book and was very pleasantly surprised;) The Polish title is "Wskrzeszenie przez ukrzyżowanie: Michał Szpak. Nonfiction". The author of the translation is (Monika Kanecka). Heartily thanks to (Teresa Tet Zajadło) for the beautiful pictures and to (Ewa Kuta) for her working on graphic design:) General editorship, the vocabulary of interpreting terms were made by (Edyta Gd). You can find the original text of the article in three language versions and the readers’ comments by the next link "


The Polish translation of the article was published on the Portal #Futurolog by the courtesy and permission of the Creative Team that had worked on the Book. Read it on the link "Wskrzeszenie przez Ukrzyżowanie: Michał Szpak. Nonfiction"

On behalf of the entire #Futurolog team we want to thank some amazing women for their beautiful and admired ACTION! And these women personified all the Global Fan-Community by their ACTION that seemed to be unreal!.. Heartfelt gratitude:

to (Edyta Gd) for international project leadership, editorial revision, the vocabulary of terms, the Post Scriptum, artwork and the Book preparation in press, assistance for translation;

to (Monika Kanecka) for her deep-mind and sensational translation in Polish;

to (Teresa Tet Zajadło) for amazing live-pictures;

to (Ewa Kuta) for charm graphics design;

to (Agnieszka Teresa Trafas - Kanecka (Agnieszka Teresa))

and to (Aleksandra Kowalska) for helping this Project;

to the Official Fan-Club of Michal Szpak (OFC Michała Szpaka) for high favor and supporting this Project!

to the printing-house Drukarnia OLDRUK Olsztyn in Poland (Olsztyn) (Drukarnia OLDRUK Olsztyn) for professional workmanship!

Special thanks to (Dorota Szala), (Agata Kowalska), (Klaudia Wisniewska) And many thanks to all-all-all other Fans and Fan-clubs of the global fan Community of Michal Szpak for supporting this Nonfiction and its Author!!! Permit me to introduce the online-version of my Book “Wskrzeszenie...

Опубликовано Наталия Юдина Суббота, 6 мая 2017 г.

In Art of Michal Szpak there have been already many marvelous duets and for sure infinitely many other wonderful duets will be performed in the Future! But among them there is just one and only Duet that is the most unique and unmatched. It’s the Duet by MICHAL SZPAK and his FANS – all whose voices so beautiful revealed into acoustics of magic Kuźnia Kulturalna and all those who were outside the camera view.

A piece of the live web-cast (for the members of Michał Szpak (Oficjalny Fan Club) only) filmed by Marlena Kaczynska from the performance of Michal Szpak in Kuźnia Kulturalna, Warsaw, Poland. That day this song by Michal Szpak was dedicated special to Renata Nektarowska – the Founder of the Official Fan-Club of Michal Szpak...

This video was created by Marlena Kaczynska (we hope for the permission for publishing this video on the Portal #Futurolog and thank Marlena Kaczynska in advance very much!...).

Upasc ale wstac

Widzisz kolory,
widzisz milion barw
Myślisz, że jesteś lepszy bo
miałeś więcej szans

Widzisz człowieka,
nie przychylny był mu czas
nie może zrobić kroku, zobacz,
upadł, potem wstał

Wysoko w chmurach,
napisany z góry lepszy los
komu się zdarzy piękno
kogo zepchnie gdzieś na samo dno

Dzień za dniem,
byle przegonić noc
byle obudzić w sobie siłę
upaść ale wstać
w lustrze widzieć
ciągle swoją twarz

Wdychasz powietrze,
czujesz jego smak
Myślisz, że jesteś lepszy bo
miałeś w życiu plan

Widzisz człowieka
on był kiedyś kimś
nikt mu nie podał ręki, zobacz
Tak, to byłeś ty

Wysoko w niebie
napisany z góry lepszy los
komu się zdarzy szczęście,
kogo zepchnie gdzieś na samo dno

Dzień za dniem,
byle przegonić noc
byle obudzić w sobie siłę,
aby trwać

Dzień za dniem,
byle przegonić noc
i obudzić w sobie siłę,
aby trwać
W lustrze widzieć swoją twarz
Upaść ale wstać!

To fall down but to get up

Can you see colours,
Can you see a million colours
You think that you are better
Because you have more chances

Can you see a man?
He had a hard time doing.
He wasn't able to make a footstep. Look at him.
He fell down then got up.

High in clouds
A better fate has been written from above
The beauty will be happened for somebody.
Another one will be pushed down to a very bottom.

Day by day
You try to outrun the night only
to rouse power in yourself
To fall down but to get up
In the mirror you can see
Your own face

You are inhaling air.
Can you smell taste of it?
You think that you are better because
You have a plan of your life

Can you see a man?
He was important at one time
Nobody extended a hand to him. Look.
Yes, it was you

High in the sky
A better fate has been written from above
Someone will receive a happiness.
Another one will be pushed down to a very bottom.

Day by day
You try to outrun the night only
To rouse power in yourself
To fall down but to get up
At last time

Day by day
You try to outrun the night only
to rouse power in yourself
To fall down but to get up
In the mirror you can see
Your own face
To fall down but to get up!

Can You feel the Love tonight?

There's a calm surrender
To the rush of day
When the heat of the rolling wind
Can be turned away

An enchanted moment,
And it sees me through
It's enough for this restless warrior
Just to be with you

And can you feel the love tonight
It is where we are
It's enough for this wide-eyed wanderer
That we've got this far
And can you feel the love tonight
How it's laid to rest?
It's enough to make kings and vagabonds
Believe the very best.

There's a time for everyone
If they only learn
That the twisting kaleidoscope
Moves us all in turn

There's a rhyme and reason
To the wild outdoors
When the heart of this star-crossed voyager
Beats in time with yours

And can you feel the love tonight
It is where we are
It's enough for this wide-eyed wanderer
That we've got this far
And can you feel the love tonight
How it's laid to rest?
It's enough to make kings and vagabonds
Believe the very best.

In 2018 the Official Fan-Club of Michal Szpak has launched the upgraded version of the Portal where the OFC together with all global fan-community carefully accumulate the amazing History of the unusual and very bright Star. Now a page with links to the text " Resurrection through Crucifixion: Michal Szpak. Nonfiction" has recently appeared there. It is pride and great honor for the Portal #Futurolog to feel privileged! For its author it was a beautiful dream.

Наталия Юдина:
"I’d like to address the next words to not only those very important for me persons and Fan-Clubs whose names have been mentioned early (please, read them below, actually there are much more beautiful for me names) but also to every (!) Fan of Michal Szpak and the Global Multinational Fan-Community all over the world…
…You’ve shown me other sides of many things that couldn’t be possible! As many, many people all over the world I've seen and learnt many wonderful things from You (!): for instance, Your more deep vision of persons’ predestination than the persons’ words or actions of other people are; Your self forgetfulness and self-sacrificing attitude for a long-term high goal; Your more high and more clean feelings than to love (or “not love...”, or “be in love in…”) a person just - but being in love in the person's Talent and the Way. It seems to be unreal for the ordinary person just. You are… unique singular People (if it can be said in the plural)!!! Please, carry on Your Way!.. Please, do always remember that You make this World be much better!!! Even when You don't feel the clear feedback from it!.. (The highest feelings are not tangible and visible, and we don’t know when and where they have to come from). So I'd like to thank You personally for many wonderful moments! And I wish You(!) personally stay being in love of what You do for the World!
….I’d also like to add the first page of the Polish Book to the next video that was filmed by Asta Lukošiūtė (all copyright rights reserved, the original link on YouTube). These are some very important words about YOU ALL:

In 2016 yet another "Da Vinci Code" was revealed. In the mural painting of "The Last Supper" Jesus and the Apostles were depicted without nimbuses. In the opinion of the Italian scientists da Vinci chose such the way to reflect that the Angels were among us, and that They were "the ordinary people"... "...

I'd wish to congratulate You - Agata Kowalska, Michał Szpak OFC, Michał Szpak (Oficjalny Fan Club), Edyta Gd, Monika...

Опубликовано Наталия Юдина Понедельник, 1 января 2018 г.


We’d like to say to all our visitors and authors that this faery story of the Book creating (like its content) proves one more time that no space and time are there in the information society! Every Creative Person should always remember about this!

We look forward to welcoming You and everyone for reading the text below about… Read it, please: