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The English version of this marketing-nonfiction article is published three months after its first publishing in native languages. But everything that has happened during all this time just affirms and reinforces the unordinary marketing results about … Ok)) Read me, please.

Nataliya Yudina, Futurolog

The article presents the results of the marketing surveillance for the information society at the junction of technological orders, which is characterized by the chaos of unstructured information, by the explosive development of innovative technologies and the loss of human values. This material is about how to choose the effective guidance and tools of the activity and how to build a strong brand for it.

Resurrection through Crucifixion: Michal Szpak. Nonfiction

- How are you feeling today?
- Happy!

June 11, 2016, 5:30 p.m. Cieszyn, Poland. Despite the weekend the central square is still half-empty (Fig. 1). However, by 6 p.m. (by half an hour before the announced concert) the square quickly has filled with people, and not only with citizens. All of them came for the concert of just one artist. Scarcely he had finished his performance, the square became empty again, because the audience was going away, freeing up space in front of the stage without waiting for other artists who had been announced in the program.

Cieszyn, Poland. Resurrection through Crucifixion: Michal Szpak. Nonfiction. Natalija Yudina, Futurolog Fig. 1. Cieszyn, Poland. June 11, 2016 [1; 17].

Who were all these people who had gathered in Cieszyn for only one artist, whose performance would last just over an hour? The spectators couldn’t be named by only one unique single term: for example, “fans of pop or rock music”; “an adult audience”, “hipsters” or “children”, “bystanders”, "mostly female audience" or "mostly male audience", “citizens” or anybody else to describe the artist’s audience of fans from the marketing point of view. But look into the audience. Do you see over there in the distance the little boy who is sitting on his father’s shoulders? And do you see on the right front of the stage an elderly gray-haired man, who is leaning on the fence? Or do you see near him in front of this fence in a wheelchair the girl, who was brought to the concert by her mother?...

Probably the most correct name of this diverse segment of fans is just "people". A similar target audience is difficult to classify only by the traditional segmentation criteria such as gender, age, economic status, occupation, musical preferences etc. In such situations the marketers begin to use subtle and sensitive psychological segmentation criteria only after a very profound study of features of the audience. The "people" segment was surrounded by not big crowd of people, which just relaxed in special tents with tables scattered around the square perimeter. And when you look at this picture from the outside, for sure, it would be still too difficult for you to see in these photos the unique brand-management tools for scaling by other brands in the future, which are especially from sectors not related with show-business.

But this concert had one secret. It was invisible. In the distant opposite corner of the square in front of the stage there was a tower, and on the top of it there was a web-camera (by the way, photos of the square were made with this web-camera). Thanks to this camera, as well as thanks to VK-group (about the musician’s art) [1], which had found a link to the broadcast by this camera, at the same time with people on the square in real time the difficult for counting number of representatives of the internet-community from all over the world was watching the concert... But the most remarkable in this concert was a fact (just imagine!!!) that web-"viewers" were watching this live concert! Without sound!.. They were just watching...

Of course, we could argue that web-fans just wanted to see the artist, but such a claim would be too superficial, primarily because the distance from the webcam to the scene was dramatically far to see even his silhouette. What made the online community together with a segment of "people" virtually be present at this concert? Today such involvement of the target audience is phenomenal in any branding. So I’ll focus on this fact in details from the marketing point of view.

Concert in information society

Fig. 2. Concert in the іnformation society ([2]).

In modern high-tech information society it is difficult for me as a marketer to tell a name of the other show-business star, the target audience of which will even watch online live concert far from the HD-quality state and without sound... As a last resort - they will wait for the appearance of the concert records (Fig. 2.) in the web, which can be seen later when it will be convenient for them.

The consumer information society, which has been formed by marketers and high technologies, becomes too sophisticated, and consumer behavior has become extremely consuming and functional-oriented. It applies not only to physical goods, but it scales in the markets which sell emotion too: "If the consumer comes to the concert of an artist, it means that the artist is obligated to entertain him, because the consumer has paid for this."

For example, even the only one concert of Madonna in Kiev in 2012 was marked by a wave of negative emotions from her own fans. One of the main reasons of it was too long expectation of the singer by the public. Although such kind of delay - is well-known and considered to be quite effective psychological tool (which has already become a traditional marketing tool) of the creation of an artificial "product" deficit. Previously, such kind of tools has provoked even bigger needs of this product among the target audience. However, as we can see, this traditional marketing tool has already exhausted itself rapidly as well as most of the other traditional tools of marketing and brand management [3].

On that day, Michal Szpak appeared on the stage of Cieszyn.

Reference. Michal Szpak is the representative of Poland in the Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest. His performance in Stockholm was remembered. But it wasn’t remembered by only its content and the artist’s unusual performance, but also by dramatically scatter between the points, which audience had scoped out the artist, and the points of the professional jury (the innovation of this year). At that time, as the votes of the audience gave the third place to Michal Szpak (222 points, after the representatives of Ukraine and Russia), the professional jury appreciated this performance with third place from the end (7 points). As a result, the representative of Poland took the 8th place in terms of total voting results.

Video 3. Michal Szpak's performance in the Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest ([11]).

Color of your life

When loneliness is knocking on your door
Everything you loved
Just disappears
And when you feel that everything is lost
You need to know
There's no life without tears

Tell me black or white
What color is your life
Try to ask your heart
Who you really are

No one is
Forever beautiful and young
Everything you know
Just disappears
Fame and gold are nothing you can be sure
When there is no love in your heart
The choice is yours
Who you really want to be
Don't be afraid of your destiny
So when you feel
That everything is lost
You need to know
There's no life without fear

Tell me black or white
What color is your life
Try to ask your heart
Who you really are

Every day we must fight with the wind
We have to live
All these things are just empty desire
'Cause there's no smoke without fire

Tell me black or white
What color is your life
Try to ask your heart
Who you really are

Try to ask your heart
What color is your life


Let me draw your attention to the fact that such kind of love to the representative of Poland from the audience has been noted by many journalists that were involved in this year Eurovision Song Contest. They repeatedly emphasized the massive fan support and a large number of subscribers of the Poland representative’s accounts in social media (Fig. 4).

Michal Szpak Social media

Fig. 4. Michal Szpak’s accounts in the social medias [12; 13 – July, 2016].

In the information society popularity of the stars of show-business begins to yield to popularity of Internet bloggers that are much closer to their target audience through the network, in contrast to the traditionally deficit stars of show-business (for example, in 2014 the game video-blogger PewDiePie bypassed stars such as Paul Walker and Katy Perry by his rating of the popularity among American teenagers [4]). So basing on this example, it can be concluded that for the marks which claims to be the brands in the information society in the future, it’s necessary information and communicative technologies must be extensively used. In particular it can be realized through creating public and regularly updated corporate accounts in all social medias.

However, it is not enough for building a strong brand, primarily, because the mechanical side of this tool can be cloned by competitors easily. This trend has already started scaling, and many brands begin to promote their accounts slowly in social networks by supporting the regular contact with their target audience. Today also many stars of the show-business have larger numbers of subscribers, but their concerts are not watched by audience without sound in real time... Then what is the secret?

High technologies today are diffusing into branding. But the technology by itself is deadly and it isn’t safe, because the high intelligence without morality is transforming into a race car without brakes. I’d like to paraphrase a famous aircrafter: we can not overtake the technology that is already ahead us, but we can move from the opposite direction to it for meeting. Therefore, the incoming process should take place – it is the diffusion of the brand ideology into technologies. Real brand power ("brand equity") is something intangible that competitors can not replicate.

Therefore, through analyzing of different brands it can be seen that the successful brand often has a concrete person behind it – it must be a strong Person, with the exclusive look, the soul and the very individual and unique history. After all, the strong Person is almost impossible to be cloned, such as it could be possible to do with his/her physical or virtual visualization. For example, the visualization can be copied, improved and even we can make it perfect. But if there isn't the strong history behind the visualization, the visualization as the marketing tool will lose its efficiency. All people, who were on the Cieszyn square during Michal Szpak performance in real time (physically or virtually by online, with the sound or without it), through his personal social media accounts or due his fan-societies in different countries had known his history.

Video 5. Michal Szpak, Cieszynie, Poland 11.06.2016 ([17]).

Dream on (Aerosmith, cover)

Every time that I look in the mirror
All these lines on my face getting clearer
The past is gone
It went by like dusk to dawn
Isn't that the way
Everybody's got their dues in life to pay

Yeah, I know nobody knows
Where it comes and where it goes
I know it's everybody's sin
You got to lose to know how to win

Half my life's in books' written pages
Live and learn from fools and from sages
You know it's true
All the things you do come back to you

Sing with me, sing for the years
Sing for the laughter and sing for the tears
Sing with me, if it's just for today
Maybe tomorrow the good Lord will take you away

Dream on, dream on, dream on,
Dream yourself a dream come true
Dream on, dream on, dream on,
And dream until your dream comes true


Many scientists recently began actively discussing an innovative hypothesis that the fundamental concepts of "time" and "space", in fact, do not exist [3]. But in practice, the Internet, as a global communication tool, has already destroyed them. If there is the information about a particular brand in the Internet, so it can easily move in space (the information is available from anywhere in the world) and in time (publications, which have been made in the past, are available now and will be available in the future). In addition, the network has almost destroyed any language barriers. Therefore a trademark that builds its information presence in the Internet has the potential of explosively and instantly transforming to the global sized brand.

This feature of the information society recalls and “resurrects” the past. It gives the second chance to any activities that has been carried out in the past, to become effective in a different scale. Therefore, if the activities of the brand in the past haven't brought it the commercial success in that particular historical period, it does not mean that this activity hasn’t been effective. "Man does not live by bread alone!" There are many reasons for this: maybe there was not an appropriate time, maybe a particular market was not ready to respond economically or maybe it just was not the target geographic market or actually it was not the target audience.

For example, it was considered that the first album «XI» of Michal Szpak, released by him at the end of 2011, didn’t reach the expected commercial success. However, the album has been listened over and over again now! And I think, that this product, for which has been invested a lot of time, money and emotions in the past, will be certainly commercialized again very soon in the future. But now it will be in different scales and quality. "The XI" album sounds differently today from it sounded five years ago. Now the album has received a strong brand "Michal Szpak".

Audio 6. Michal Szpak, titular single "Po niebo"/"To the sky", album "XI" (2011).

Po niebo

Przez nocy mrok i światło dnia,
Przez życia wir i tłumy spraw
Wciąż będę szedł,
Nie poddam się!

Przez morze łez i mniejsze zło
Przez głupi pech i szczyt i dno,
Tak będę szedł,
Nie poddam się!

Stracony czas,
Mówią mi tak,
Nie słucham rad
I ruszam co dnia
Po niebo!
Po niebo!
Po niebo!
Po niebo!

Przez błędy i spalony most,
Daremny trud i ślepy los,
Wciąż będę szedł,
Nie poddam się!

Na przełaj skrót i przeszkód tor,
Nie ważne nic i ważnie coś,
Tak, będę szedł,
Nie poddam się!

Stracony czas,
Mówią mi tak,
Nie słucham rad
I ruszam co dnia
Po niebo
Po niebo
Po niebo
Po niebo

Przez nocy mrok i światło dnia
(po niebo...)
Przez życia wir i tłumy spraw
(po niebo...)
Przez morze łez i mniejsze zło
(po niebo...)
przez głupi pech i szczyt i dno,
(po niebo...)
Tak będę szedł
Tak będę szedł
Tak będę szedł
Nie poddam się!


To the sky

Through the darkness of the night and the light of the day
through the whirl of the life and the crowd of the matters
I will be still going,
I won't give up!

Through the sea of tears and the lesser evil
Through the stupid bad luck and the summit and the bottom
I will go
I won't give up!

"Lost time", -
They say to me
I don't listen to the advice
And I go every day
To the sky!
To the sky!
To the sky!
To the sky!

Through the mistakes and the burnt bridge,
Efforts in vain and blind fate
I will be still going,
I won't give up!

The rugged terrain and the lion in the way,
The shortcut and something important,
Yes, I will go,
I won't give up!

"Lost time", -
They say to me
I don't listen to advice
And I go every day
To the sky!
To the sky!
To the sky!
To the sky!

Through the darkness of the night and the light of the day
(To the sky...)
Through the whirl of the life and the crowd of the matters
(To the sky...)
Through the sea of tears and the lesser evil,
(To the sky...)
Through the stupid bad luck and the summit and the bottom
(To the sky...)
I will be still going
I will be still going
I will be still going
I won't give up!


In the cartoon which was directed by Garry Bardin "The Ugly Duckling" (2010) there is an episode where the Ugly Duckling did not find understanding in his yard, in desperation, decided to leave home. And not far from the yard he became a witness of the conversation of two wild geese: a dad and his son. The son-goose really wanted to start flying quickly, but his father, who had been grown wise by his life experience, tried to hold him back from the hurry. But the son was very persistent, and his father yielded to the persuasions of his son and gave him the permission to fly early, when his wings had not matured yet . At the time of this trial and not strong flight the hunter easily got down wild geese: at first the son and then his bewildered father. Seeing this whole picture, the Ugly Duckling decided to come back home immediately, because the time hadn’t come yet…

Video 7. The clip of the animated film "The Ugly Duckling" (2010), directed by Garri Bardin.

"Гадкий утёнок" (2010), режиссер Гарри Бардин.

Сын: «Пап, ну папа! Ну, пожалуйста! Папа, ну ты же обещал!»
Отец: «Ну, обещал…»
Сын: «Ты сказал, сегодня полетим.»
Отец: «Не торопись! Не торопись!»
Гадкий Утенок: "Вы дикие?.."
Отец: «Мы вольные! Сын мой, не слишком торопись!»
Сын: «Я не тороплюсь!»
Отец: «На меня смотри…»
Сын: «Ну, сколько можно?!»
Отец: «…у меня учись.»
Сын: «Хватит уже!»
Отец: «Сын мой, дорога далека.»
Сын: «Да я знаю, знаю!»
Отец: «Время есть еще!»
Сын: «Ну, скорее бы!»
Отец: «Поучись пока.»
Сын: «Ну, хорошо, хорошо!»
Отец: «Главная радость, мальчик мой,…»
Сын: «Я умею все, я уже большой!»
Отец: «…счастье полета над землей!»
Сын: «Знаю я и так, знаю я и так! Я умею все!»
Отец: «Так и запомни и усвой,…»
Сын: «Я уже большой!»
Отец: «Бедный наш брат домашний гусь…»
Гадкий Утенок: «Я?»
Отец: «Как подумаешь, разбирает грусть.»
Сын: «Ага!)))»
Отец: «Весь его жизненный простор - только птичий двор, да забор…»
Отец, обращаясь к Гадкому Утенку: «На меня смотри, у меня учись, время есть еще, поучись пока».

"The Ugly Duckling" (2010), directed by Garri Bardin.

Son: “Dad, well, Dad! Oh, please! Dad, well, you promised!”
Father: “Well, I promised ...”
Son:: “You said that today we would fly.”
Father: “Don’t hurry! Don’t hurry!”
The Ugly Duckling: “Are you wild?”
Father: “We are free! My son, do not be in a hurry too much!”
Son:: “I am not in a hurry!”
Father: “Look at me,…”
Son:: “Here we go again! What else?”
Father: “…learn from me.”
Son:: “Enough!”
Father: “My son, the road is far!...”
Son:: “Yes, I know, I know!”
Father: “There is still some time.”
Son:: “Well, roll on it!”
Father: “You should have to take time for studying...”
Son:: “Well, okay, okay!”
Father: “My boy, the greatest joy is…”
Son:: “I am able to do everything, I have already become an adult!”
Father: “…a flight above the land!”
Son:: “I know that, I know that! I am able to do everything!”
Father: “So remember it and adopt it.”
Son:: “I have already become an adult!”
Father: “Look at our poor brother, the domestic goose.”
The Ugly Duckling: “Am I?...”
Father: “If think of it, just the sorrow whelms the soul”
Son:: “Oh yeah!)))”
Father: “His whole life space is only the poultry yard and the fence...”
Father to the Ugly Duckling: “Look at me! Learn from me. There is still some time. You should have to take time for studying...”

The new target audience, which has been attracted by the Internet, regardless of their geographical location and linguistic features, today can quickly refer to the full scope of available online information about the brand from its past, present and future times. It means that the attitude of the audience to the brand will also be formed fast, explosion-like and with very concentrated. And it’ll be exactly the same attitude for building and scaling for which the global brands have expended time in years, and sometimes in decades traditionally. We should realize it as soon as possible;)

One of the most famous phrases of Boris Berezovsky (the famous disgraced politician of the 90s of the last century) was these words: "We became rich because we were first from others, who had realized that a new era began"[5].

But there is the only one condition. The explosively transformation of the simple trademark into the real brand will be possible only after testing by time. The time tests the ability of the brand to overcome different periods - good and bad (and the last is even more important) - and still be able to survive and stay in the market. It’s the Resurrection through the Crucifixion. And it was not invented by us. But the history that becomes the main informational message to the future (which is able to touch hearts of the target audience, and therefore - to immediate scale) can’t be intentionally thought up. It should be lived through, accumulating it during the time and making it known.

Fan-Video 8. "The last bend", Michal Szpak / Michał Szpak - Ostatni Zakręt [18; 24]).

Ostatni zakręt

Nie ważne, że nie masz już nic,
Bo następnym razem może to ty
Na życia podium staniesz i wygrasz.
Tak, to twoja chwila.

Nie ważne, że cały ten świat
Dziś zapomniał jak na imię masz
Przypomnij mu i z całych sił
Żyj, dodaj gazu i do przodu idź!

Przed tobą już ostatni zakręt, zobacz
Za tobą został tylko szary pył
Tam nie ma już nic, nie oglądaj się wstecz
Śmiało dodaj gazu i do przodu pędź!

Przed tobą już ostatni zakręt, zobacz
Za tobą został tylko szary pył
Tam nie ma już nic, nie oglądaj się wstecz
Śmiało dodaj gazu i do przodu pędź!


The last bend

It's not important that you don't have anything,
Because next time maybe you
Will stand on the podium of the life and you will win
Yes, it's your moment

It's not important that all this world
Has forgotten today what your name is
Remind the world of it and with all your power
Live, speed up and go ahead!

There's the last bend in front of you, see
Only gray dust is left behind you
There's nothing there, don't look back
Speed up and rush ahead!

There's the last bend in front of you, see
Only gray dust is left behind you
There's nothing there, don't look back
Speed up and rush ahead!


In the most ancient fairytales the main character turned into a real hero only after he had passed all the tests, such as: fire, water and copper trumpets. The hero’s sustainable fortitude to these tests always inspires the readers to respect him as a minimum. Because although time has tested the brand on its flexibility to the changing marketing environment factors, but it doesn’t break the real brand and doesn’t change it internally under this influence.

Michal Szpak’s first appearance on the stage during the casting to the polish “X-Factor” contest was met by audience laugh due to the vocalist’s epatage and his androgynous way of looking (Video 6). And one of the jury members even offered him to remove "female" jewelry that had been on the neck of the rock-singer, because she “didn’t like it”. Michal didn’t argue with her and just took the necklace off with a smile. Scarcely had he begun to sing a song chosen for the casting «Dziwny jest ten świat» («This world is strange") made by Czeslaw Niemen (Czesław Niemen), when the jury and the hall became silent after they had heard the unusual voice of the vocalist and manner of performance.

Video 9. Michal Szpak during the casting to the polish “X-Factor” contest, 2011 ([1; 14]).

Dziwny Jest Ten Swiat

Dziwny jest ten świat,
gdzie jeszcze wciąż
mieści się wiele zła.
I dziwne jest to,
że od tylu lat
człowiekiem gardzi człowiek.

Dziwny ten świat,
świat ludzkich spraw,
czasem aż wstyd przyznać się.
A jednak często jest,
że ktoś słowem złym
zabija tak, jak nożem.

Lecz ludzi dobrej woli jest więcej
i mocno wierzę w to,
że ten świat
nie zginie nigdy dzięki nim.

Nie! Nie! Nie!

Przyszedł już czas,
najwyższy czas,
nienawiść zniszczyć w sobie.

Lecz ludzi dobrej woli jest więcej
i mocno wierzę w to,
że ten świat
nie zginie nigdy dzięki nim.

Nie! Nie! Nie!

Przyszedł już czas,
najwyższy czas,
nienawiść zniszczyć w sobie.


Strange is this world

Strange is this world,
where still is
so much evil.
And strange is the fact that
for so many years
man has been scorning man.

This strange world,
the world of human affairs,
sometimes it is even such a shame to admit it.
But it is often like this
that someone kills
with an evil word as if with a knife.

But there are more people of good will
and I do strongly believe in the fact
that this world
won't never die due to them.
No! No! No!

The time has come, it's high time
to destroy the hatred within.

But there are more people of good will
and I do strongly believe in the fact
that this world
won't never die due to them.
No! No! No!

The time has come, it's high time
to destroy the hatred within. [21]

The result of this performance was three "Yes" by the members of the jury and Michal's passage to the next round. At the end of the "X-Factor» Michal Szpak took second place.

In a figurative sense this process can be compared with the grass. When the grass is flexible and green, even if the heavy boots will have gone on the grass, it will not be able to destroy it. The grass will have just bended down at the first moment, but after some time it will be straightened again, because it will not have been broken. as it could happened, if the grass had been dried (Note: it’s possible if the trademark would continue to use the traditional tools of brand-management, which had already become obsolete).. The verification of the brand by time becomes a guarantee for its target audience, and therefore it shows the confidence of it in the future.

Despite the fact that Michal Szpak’s work is music, the videos of his interviews, press-conferences or even rehearsals attract not less interest, judging by the number of views and discussions of videos on the Internet. I assume, that informational reasons for the certain interviews in the past, perhaps, had been specifically provoked by the artist by using a sufficiently epatage behavior. But just in such interviews the individuality of the artist and his ability to take the heart had been disclosing.

There was an interesting feature: there had been a golden thread of personal qualities of the artist through all his interviews, which were too unexpected for early represented image of him, such as: his intelligence, peace of mind and absence of any backlash to even outspoken nips, professional commitment and performance in the workplace, wisdom and smart beyond his age, restrained with a good upbringing, aristocratical, high attitude to the family and the classical traditions - all those things that early had been called the universal human values.

In my opinion, this fact has always been the main component of the real epatage of the artist, rather than his images and visualization have been. For modern society universal human values or orientation points for life are practically destroyed (they have felt short to be accepted by all people). The artist’s resource contrasts with his visualization that he uses in his art. Although this is a positive efficiency of epatage (for more details, see [6]). But, whatever way he had looked, whether he had sang church prayer songs, the heavy metal songs, classical music with a symphony orchestra, electronic, rock, pop or had used the most low-key, but the very recognizable image, used by Michal Szpak at the Eurovision - all of these images always gave two strong and dissenting waves of color of emotions [15]. It is not a matter of the visualization of image... “There is just inner light in his music, when all say that they love darkness.” Listen, read texts and translations of songs that he sings ...

Video 10. Ave Maria. Michal Szpak [24].

Although the epatage style of the visualization of the public image of course is very important for the brands often, particularly during the first mile of their building. It becomes a marketing tool for sending the brand information message to be visible for the target audience and at the end of all – to be heard by it. However, in order to building brands even epatage (in its traditional sense) has already become outdated and has lost its effectiveness in the brand-management due to this tool mass scaling at this stage of development of the information society. The epatage has become the culture, and the culture (in its classical sense), on the contrary, has become the epatage.

In this regard, in the brand-management nostalgia becomes an effective alternative of the epatage [6]. It is subjected to music too, where the nostalgic approach has been named the “shazam-effect”. The shazam-effect is meant the tendency of outputting music performed in musical styles, which have been popular in the past to the tops songs. Due to the tool for identifying unfamiliar songs Shazam and the Chart of the Billboard magazine, which has been based on listening and on the Internet downloads of tracks, it has transpired that the music (which today's users like) does not always coincide with the music, which has been selected by labels [7]. According to the Spanish National Research Council, the song style, familiar to the brain, is more easily for perception and it ensures the popularity for the song. It is not unreasonable and innovative trend of the information society, which is known and used as a competitive advantage by very few specialists; in particular, this trend is not still fully understood even for customer-oriented marketing specialists.

In a recent interview with the musician Alexander Kutikov, the bass-guitarist, vocalist and composer of the legendary rock-band “Mashina Vremeni” / "Time Machine" (Rock-brand, which had been tested by time), made a point of the specifics of the current stage of the music development, such as: the uttermost music had been already written and now the accent shifted from the music to the content of the lyrics.

In the future, perhaps, today's "traditional" approaches to the professional evaluation of music should be revised due to the new realities of the information society...

In the information society it is much more important for the future brands to become native to their target audience, rather than to strive shocking it by something or to surprise it (although the result will be rather just a surprise, but it should not be the goal of the marketing campaign). In the conditions of the “regimes with peaking”, when there are reducing processes of entry and exit of brands from the market [3], the well-tried remedy to achieve this should be the resurrection of universal human values again [6; 8]. This can be explained by the fact that the universal human values have been repeatedly passing tests by time. It would be comparable with the history of humanity, where other tools have failed such tests. These values had always been a reference point in the chaos, and therefore humanity got back to them again and again. This is a fundamentally new approach to building a brand, but it has already appeared in the show-business (by Michal Szpak's appearance).

Now there are many assertions can be found in different mass media that Michal Szpak has changed: whether through his new image, visualization and ultra-fashion style, whether through moving into adulthood, whether through some circumstances... But those who has known him for a long time, I'm sure, should say that he hasn’t changed internally. But now people just have heard and have accepted him. And he sings about this in his titular song «Byle Być Sobą» / "Just Being Yourself" of his new similar-titled album. It means just the tests by "fire" and by "water" (sometimes even in the literal sense).

Video 11. Michał Szpak, "Byle Być Sobą", Buczek, 2016([1; Channel: Motion Media]).

Byle Być Sobą

Byle być sobą
Byle być sobą do końca
Inni nie mogą
Inni nie mogą do końca

Do końca
Sobą zostać

Byle by kochać
Wierzyć że warto chcieć więcej
Byle by poczuć
Poczuć czym w życiu jest szczęście

Nie czekać
Uwierzyć w człowieka

Nawet kiedy w oczy wieje wiatr
Kiedy nie do końca wiesz
Warto ciągle wierzyć w lepszy świat
Rób swoje możesz, nie jesteś sam

Byle do końca
Byle do końca być sobą
Inni do końca
Inni do końca nie mogą

być sobą
być sobą


Just Being Yourself

Just being yourself
Just being yourself to the end
Others can't
Others can't to the end.

To the end
Remain themselves

Just to love
To believe, that it's worth wanting more
Just to feel
To feel what is happiness in life.

Not waiting
To believe in people.

Even when the wind blows in your eyes
When you don’t know entirely
It’s worthwhile to always believe in a better world
Do your own thing, you're allowed to, you’re not alone

Just to the end
Just being yourself to the end
Others to the end
Others can't to the end

Be themselves
Be themselves [21]

I would like to repost one "receipt", which I have already once shared with the graduates of my University and it has been addressed to new Marketing Specialists. What will happen if we put on fire three identical and transparent pots with water, through a potato into the first pot, put a raw egg into another and place coffee beans to the third? Brew for 60 minutes. The egg and the potato will be cooked, and the coffee beans will be dissolved in the water. But this will be a very superficial explanation for what has happened.

After the solid potato will have been in boiling water, it will become soft and sodden. The fragile and liquid egg will become hard after it has been cooked "hard-boiled". They will not almost change externally. But they will change their structures under the influence of the factors of the equal marketing environment like in boiling water. In the same way people, whose are strong in their appearance will be pasted up and become weak, where other people, which are malleable and tender, will just become rigid and harden.

But what happens to the coffee? The coffee beans are dissolved in the new environment and change it, turning water into a wonderful aromatic beverage. There are distinctive people and brands that do not change due to external circumstances because of they have a unique internal content. Therefore they are able to change these circumstances and turn them into something new and wonderful.

Video 12. "Coffee" means to be like this!.. Michał Szpak Toruń 20.06.2016 ([17]).

It’s very interesting for me to observe dynamics of comments about Poland's representative at the Eurovision. The fan-support does not need of the description; it is amazing, very strong and inexpressible in its energy and charming. Even nearly three months after the Eurovision it continues to be reinforced with gathering speed. (Note: The English version of this marketing-nonfiction is published six months after the Eurovision song contest and three months after publishing of its versions in native languages. But everything that has happened during all this time just affirms and reinforces the Big Data of fans' love to Michal Szpak!).

But what about the opposite wave?.. The wave of negativity, vulgarity, sarcasm and black humor, often with negative and outright overtones, gradually over time come around its direction and the points of view about Michal!

Not only the fans of Michal Szpak from all over the world, but many of those "black commentators" (that is especially valuable and surprising) start to develop personally, seek to obtain personal results - as well as Michal Szpak leads the way. Not always these changes are demonstrated openly. Not always they can be recognized even internally by heart and not always they can be realized completely, but the dynamics of its observation make the changes noticeable. A lot of people went to the gym, somebody won in sports competitions, somebody broke up the depression and found the real love, somebody had started painting and wrote the brilliant portrait, somebody began to create very unusual art-works, somebody became public, somebody began to learn a foreign language actively (or even a couple of languages, one of which is Polish), etc. - this list of personal achievements of people can be very long here. But the main thing in the list is that each of its point is a step (an action)!

Such consumer behavior is the main dream of every brand, isn’t it?!.. In a situation of complete procrastination (the avoidance for indefinite duration of doing a task which needs to be accomplished and no desire to do anything at all), it can be considered as a real revolution! Above the tsunami of "black" demotivators, the artist's work turns into a very powerful motivational battleship, capable to lead the people...

On the way of brand building, marketers should communicate with their target audience using different images (the "clip thinking" of the information society forces brands to do this), which may not always directly characterize their souls or reflect them. But these images should be understandable for their target audience. Brands do this to effect some changes and achieve some their goals. The images will gradually disappear and be forgotten, but the message essence, which they have been preparing, will stay in people's minds. That’s why the format of achieving the goal can be anything, even by using striking, shocking or unconventional elements on the "fine line” (of epatage)…

Video 13. The clip of the film “Angel-A” (2005), directed by Luc Besson (with English subtitle).

Отрывок „Aнгел-A” (2005)

Андре: «Я не интересен.»
АнгелА: «Да брось ты, наоборот. Ты умен, очарователен.»
Андре: «Не издевайся надо мной!»
АнгелА: «Честное слово! точно тебе говорю! Все это внутри. Постарайся выпустить это наружу.»
Андре: «Я стараюсь, стараюсь. Это непросто...»
АнгелА: «Напротив, очень легко. Сейчас увидишь. Посмотри в зеркало. Что ты видишь?»
Андре: «Я вижу красивую девушку.»
АнгелА: «Спасибо. А возле нее кого ты видишь?»
Андре: «Ну, не знаю…»
АнгелА: «Вот, умница. Уже лучше.»
Андре: «Ты находишь?..»
АнгелА: «Да! Прежде ты видел только дерьмо, а теперь его нет. Отсюда вывод: ты вычистил всё внутри. Теперь нужно заполнить эту пустую раковину. Не оставлять же это. Итак, смотри хорошенько перед собой. Милое лицо. Что в нем интересного?»
Андре: «Не представляю.»
АнгелА: «Гляди внимательно, в глаза. Что ты там видишь?»
Андре: «Ну, доброту…»
АнгелА: «Верно. Через край! И еще что? Смотри!»
Андре: «Ну, они, вроде, ничего?..»
АнгелА: «Вот! Именно! Они красивые! А еще что? Что в них еще?»
Андре: «А еще?… Там есть нежность?..»
АнгелА: «Ну, конечно! Полно! А любовь?»
Андре: «Да. Любви там много. Переизбыток!»
АнгелА: «Тогда нужно выпустить ее! Признайся мне в любви.»
Андре: «Чего?..»
АнгелА: «Ты любишь меня?»
Андре: «Да… В смысле?.. Ну, я к тебе испытываю определенные чувства…. Но это наверняка дружба, которая…»
АнгелА: «Ты любишь или не любишь?»
Андре: «Я полюбил тебя с самой первой секунды.»
АнгелА: «Ну, так скажи это!»
Андре: «Это довольно трудно…»
АнгелА: «А почему? Знаешь?»
Андре: «Нет.»
АнгелА: «Потому что тебе этого не говорили. Ведь так? Трудно отдавать любовь не получая ничего взамен.»
Андре: «Да.»
АнгелА: «Я люблю тебя, Андре. Пожалуйста! Ты получил любовь. Теперь можешь мне дать немножко. Твоя очередь.»
Андре: «Я люблю тебя, Ангела. Как бы тебя не звали.»
АнгелА: «Ты прав. Повтори это, но без имени.»
Андре: «Люблю.»
АнгелА: «А теперь посмотри на себя внимательно и скажи это.»
Андре: «Не могу.»
АнгелА: «Можешь. Посмотри на себя. Тебе так не хватает ощущений, что тебя любят, что ты нужен. Неужели ты не веришь, что заслуживаешь заботы и внимания? Смелей, не отказывай своему израненному телу, которое так долго безропотно терпит тебя. Скажи ему, что у него свой смысл, свое место. Дай ему то, что оно заслуживает.»
Андре: «Я люблю тебя, Андре… Люблю.»
АнгелА: «Я тобой горжусь, Андре!»

The clip of the film “Angel-A” (2005), directed by Luc Besson

Andre: «Do my questions bother you?»
АнгелА: «If you’re really interesting in me, maybe you’ll take an interest in yourself.»
Andre: «I’m not interesting.»
Angel-А: «Of course you are. You’re good-looking, intelligent…»
Andre: «Bullshit!»
Angel-А: «But, yes, I promise you. It’s all in there, but you won’t see it or let it out.»
Andre: «I’m trying... It’s not easy...»
Angel-А: «But, yes, it is. I’ll show you. Look into the mirror. What do you see?»
Andre: «I see an exceptional girl.»
Angel-А: «Thank you. Next to her, what do you see?»
Andre: «I don’t know…»
Angel-А: «You’re progressing.»
Andre: «Do you think so?..»
Angel-А: «Yes! Before you saw only shit. Now, at least, you see nothing. You’ve clean up well. Now you need to fill the empty shell. You can’t leave it empty. Look hard, in front of you. Does anything catch your eye in this handsome face?»
Andre: «Not much.»
Angel-А: «Look into your eyes. What do you see?»
Andre: «Kindness…»
Angel-А: «Yes. Lots of it! What else? Look!»
Andre: «They are not bad-looking, are they?..»
Angel-А: «Beauty! Exactly! They are beautiful. What else?»
Andre: «Maybe…?… A little gentleness?..»
Angel-А: «Yes, lots! And love?»
Andre: «Sure. Lots of love. Too much, maybe!»
Angel-А: «If there is too much, it has to come out! Say you love me.»
Andre: «What?..»
Angel-А: «Don’t you love me?»
Andre: «Yes, a lot… I mean.... I feel a sort of affection…. But it may be friendship, that…»
Angel-А: «Do you love me or don’t you?»
Andre: «I fell in love with you from the very first day. The very first second»
Angel-А: «So, say it!»
Andre: «It’s hard to say…»
Angel-А: «Do you know why?»
Andre: «No.»
Angel-А: «Because no one ever said it to you. Am I right? It’s hard to give to others love when no one reflects that.»
Andre: «Yes.»
Angel-А: «I love you, Andre. See! You’ve received love. Now you can give some in turn. Go on.»
Andre: «I love you, Angela. Or whatever your name is.»
Angel-А: «You’re right . Say it again but without my name.»
Andre: «I love you.»
Angel-А: «That’s good. Now look at yourself in the eyes and say it.»
Andre: «I can’t.»
Angel-А: «Of course you can. Look at yourself, your body.battered by the lack of love and trust. Don’t you see it deserves a little care? Don’t reject your wounded body. It’s suffered in silence all this time. Tell your body how important it is, that it has its place. Give it what it deserves.»
Andre: «I love you, Andre… I love you.»
Angel-А: «I’m proud of you, Andre.»

In information society to be a brand means not only having the global awareness, the fame, the highly efficient commercialization, but also having the great social responsibility, which scales a trend after the brand scaling. It will be difficult for the brand to balance on such “fine lines”, because the right to make even the slightest marketing mistake disappears: that can turn into the social "butterfly effect".

However, if the brand’s ideology is based on the human values and high morality, even in the global chaos the high values are becoming those internal and natural limitations that will prevent a large-scale social disaster. That is why the brands, that have such values, just need to uplift slowly to their level their target audience!

Not loudly…Very delicately, just slightly prompting the direction. Until the target audience begins to sound chorally in tune with the brand. “Oh-oh-oh. Tell me black or white, what color is your life?”

Fans-Video 14. Poland, Świnoujścia, Michal Szpak, Color of your life, 16.07.2016 ([1]).

P.S. After Michal’s success in the Polish X Factor contest in 2011, the audience asked for a rapid release of a new album [9]. However, the album's release was delayed because of the producers’ negative response, who had not accepted the content of Michal’s new songs then: they had expected “something more modern" [9; 10]. They were not able to see in this music the futurological forecast for the arising of the «shazam»-nostalgia in listeners’ minds...

To burn doesn't mean to refute" - Giordano Bruno had said before he was burned at the stake. The verdict has not reviewed yet. But at the place of his death - Campo dei Fiori in Rome – the monument is now installed with the following inscription: "June 9, 1889. Bruno - From the Age he Predicted - Here Where the Fire Burned".

Michal broke up with his producers. And in 2015 after some difficult years of his silence (only he knew, how difficult this period had been for him in the psychological, creative and deeply personal senses) he accumulated a lot of power and returned to the stage with a new professional Team! To the worldwide stage!

2016. High results of Michal Szpak’s performance at the Eurovision and global scale of his popularity, a double victory in a prestigious National Festival of Polish Song in Opole (at the SuperJedynki and the Grand Prix Winner at the Złote Opole), the title of the "Artist of the Year", a double platinum single «Color Of Your Life», platinum single and at last a platinum album «Byle Być Sobą», which became the best-selling albums in Poland, the highest ratings of popularity and the commercialization, and many, many other titles and victories…(this long list of Michal’s victories is updating daily now! For example, "Best Live Vocals" and "Best Dressed" at Eurovision 2016 as part of Wiwibloggs annual Vision Music Awards). Current schedule of performances and interviews of Michal Szpak has almost no days off and sometimes includes two or even three concerts for day; there are a lot of people who await him in every town in Poland and abroad. The tour to other countries is already planned [16]. But many foreign fans from abroad come to his concerts to Poland before-the-fact of Michal’s concerts in their native countries.

In addition to his traditional scene a fundamentally different form - the Virtual Scene (which is the unit of this nonfiction) has been added. «The winner takes it all»! Yes, it is the "copper trumpets"...

Концерт в информационном обществе

Fig. 7. Michal Szpak’s some achievements during two months after the Eurovision Song Contest (before 15.07.2016) ([1; 12; 16]).

Video 15. The performance of Michal Szpak with his cover version on the song "The winner takes it all" (ABBA) at the concert of Life Festival Oświęcim 2016. A few days after his winning at the Festival Opole 2016 [1]. (This song has the overtones as if words were addressed not to the certain person but to some people. But this is only my own subjective opinion...)

The winner takes it all (ABBA, cover)

I don't wanna talk
Аbout the things we've gone through
Though it's hurting me
Now it's history
I've played all my cards
And that's what you've done too
Nothing more to say
No more ace to play

The winner takes it all
The loser standing small
Beside the victory
That's her destiny

I was in your arms
Thinking I belonged there
I figured it made sense
Building me a fence
Building me a home
Thinking I'd be strong there
But I was a fool
Playing by the rules

But the "copper trumpets" are the most cruel test, which is sent to a Real Hero (the brand) who has already passed "fire" and "water" in fairytales. Success could not be forgiven ... But people’s love to the brand has more power than "people’s laws" have. And do you want to know a forecast by the #Futurolog? Not only Poland which he loves so sincerely. And not only Europe. The whole World will belong to him. The Resurrection through the Crucifixion exists!!!

Video 16. The performance of Michal Szpak “Real Hero” / "Jesteś Bohaterem" (Amfiteatr Świnoujście) ([1]).

Jesteś Bohaterem

Czas, gdy się wszystko zaczyna,
Myślisz sobie: Mogę zmienić świat
I przychodzi ten dzień, gdy
Wiesz już kim chcesz być
Nie zmieni tego nikt
A ktoś, kogo znasz
Tylko z TV
On mówi ci jak żyć
Lecz ty wiesz lepiej

Jesteś bohaterem
Na zawsze
Walczyłeś dla nas
Jesteś bohaterem
Na zawsze
Prawdziwy bohater
Ma twoją twarz

Mija czas, znów kolejne rozstania
Gdzieś na skraju drogi pośród pól
Wszystko bierze zwycięzca
Albo nic, tak mówią inni
Lecz nie ty
Pokochać i żyć, mieć w życiu cel umiałeś
[Prawdziwy bohater ma twoją twarz]

Jesteś bohaterem
Na zawsze
Walczyłeś dla nas
Jesteś bohaterem
Na zawsze
Prawdziwy bohater
Ma twoją twarz

Miałeś w życiu ważny cel

Jesteś bohaterem
Na zawsze
Walczyłeś dla nas
Jesteś bohaterem
Na zawsze
Prawdziwy bohater
Ma twoją twarz

Prawdziwy bohater ma twoją twarz

([1, 18]).

You are a hero

The time when everything starts
You think: I can change the world
And the day comes when you know who you want to be
Nobody will change this
Somebody who you know from the TV
Says how you should live
But you know better

You are a hero
For always you've been fighting for us
You are a hero
For always
The true hero has your face

The time goes by
Again next farewells
Somewhere at the end of the road among the fields
The winner takes it all or nothing
Others say but not you
Because to love and live
You knew how to have aim in your life

The true hero has your face.

You are a hero
For always you've been fighting for us
You are a hero
For always
The true hero has your face

You had an important aim in your life.

You are a hero
For always you've been fighting for us
You are a hero
For always
The true hero has your face
The true hero has your face

The true hero has your face

([1, 21]).

Real Hero

Life – what a beautiful feeling
When your time has only just begun
But one day you see all this – stupid game
And then you become a real man
A family guy straight from tv –
he tells you how to live
But you know better

Glory for you, Johnny – forever
He fought for us – so glory for you,
Johnny – forever
'Cause a real hero has... has your face

Every boy wants to be like Superman
Just like Johnny wants to save the world
People say that the winner takes all or nothing
But they didn't know you, Johnny
He loved his own life – he fought
just for us – forever

Glory for you, Johnny – forever
He fought for us – so glory for you, Johnny – forever
'Cause a real hero has... has your face

Real hero has your face

Glory for you, Johnny – forever
He fought for us – so glory for you,
Johnny – forever
'Cause a real hero has... has your face
Real hero has... has your face

Glory for you, Johnny – forever
He fought for us – so glory for you,
Johnny – forever
'Cause a real hero has... has your face
Real hero has... has your face

([1, 21]).


I’d like to express infinite personal gratitude to whole global and international Fan Community of Michal Szpak all over the World, to each his Fan-Club in each country, including the special thanks to the charming Fan-Group of the artist in VK;) [1] and individually to each active fan-participant for unique and rare facts, photos, videos, links, lyrics, translations, which are carefully collecting by you, for your posts, comments, your sincerity and for my creative inspiration! You are the best, the best fans in the World!!!:* peace love szpak peace love szpak peace love szpak

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Citation (orcid: 0000-0002-1730-9341):

Yudina N. Resurrection through Crucifixion: Michal Szpak. Nonfiction / Nataliya Yudina / Міждисциплінарний футурологічний форум «Управління майбутнім на стику технологічних укладів» (Київ, 15-17 липня 2016р.) : тези, доповіді, статті / [уклад. − Л. І. Юдіна]. – К., 2016. − Режим доступу : − ISBN 978-966-97581-0-1.


peace love szpak W roku 2016 ukraińska marketingowiec i futurolog Natalija Yudina napisała pracę naukową na temat Michała Szpaka. Artykuł o angielskim tytule "Resurrection through Crucifixion: Michal Szpak. Nonfiction" ukazał się na portalu naukowym 15 lipca 2016 r., a w październiku został uzupełniony o angielską wersję. Wielu z nas uważało, że warto pokusić się o poszerzenie jego odbiorców. Teraz możemy Wam udostępnić także wersję polską.

Udostępniamy post Edyta Gd zamieszczony w naszej grupie dyskusyjnej, na temat artykułu naukowego o Michale. Edyta zajęła...

Опубликовано Michał Szpak OFC 2 мая 2017 г. Permit me to introduce the online-version of my Book “Wskrzeszenie...

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Anna K-O

Anna K-O

Относительно вашей статьи - можно сказать, что она написана языком... науки, который близок моей логике, хотя я никогда не изучала вашу сферу, возможно о чём-то имею интуитивное понятие, либо из обычного жизненного опыта. У меня были некоторые опасения, что польки её могут проигнорировать из-за языкового барьера, и из-за нежелания читать чуть более серьёзные вещи, чем просто душещипательные рассказы, или восторженные отзывы. Но, к очередному моему удивлению, очень много польских женщин высоко оценили вашу статью, мало того, они хорошо поняли многое из того, что вы пытались в ней донести. Хотя, судя по языку её написания, маловероятно что она была рассчитана на обычных фанов, скорее, на студентов, или специалистов определённых отраслей деятельности. Но я несколько раз её подсовывала в личку администраторам международного фан-клуба под предлогом "посмотрите как серьёзно тут написали о Михале и о его фанатах", надеясь что хотя бы где-то найдётся внимательный админ, который действительно оценит то, что там написано, публиковала на фейсбуке. И, о, небо! Польские женщины в большом количестве оказались очень умными, они меня приятно удивили. Как когда-то удивили и обрадовали зрители, проголосовавшие за Михала на Евровидении. Поскольку, при негативном голосовании в его адрес я уже было собиралась в них разочаровываться. Но, нет! Оказалось, что Евровидение смотрят не только безухие и пустые еврофаны ( как пример - вивиблоггз) и политиканы, но также много внимательных, тонко понимающих искусство, в том числе музыкальное, и обладающих способностью различить бриллиант среди современных кричащих стекляшек. То есть, все дутые псевдорейтинги и псевдопрогнозы от псевдоспециалистов, работа пиарщиков, громкие политические разборки между странами, которые часто на слуху, не повлияли и не обманули достаточно большую часть людей.

Хотя, в случае голосования украинских зрителей за российского исполнителя, и наоборот, был также проявлен своеобразный крик души людей, мнение которых сейчас игнорируется ввиду их не соответствия действующим официальным политических идеологиям в этих странах. Остаётся держать кулачки, чтобы польки смогли перевести вашу статью ещё и на польский, и чтобы её не проигнорировали(!) польские СМИ. По её содержимому она является настоящей польской сенсацией, и я, как админ и активный участник, в частности, очень горжусь, что тоже имею отношение к тому, что в ней описывается. Такие вещи добавляют большего чувства уверенности в артисте и собственной правоты в его отстаивании, поскольку также легко увлечься и запутаться, где талант и правда, а где вымысел фанатской фантазии. Спасибо за вашу статью и ваши ценные наблюдения и подсказки!

Наталия Юдина Футуролог Futurolog

Наталия Юдина

Anna, Ваши слова бесконечно трогательны!!! До глубины души!!! И очень важны для меня, как для автора, потому что Вы прочитали и то, что было между строк! Спасибо Вам большое за такую поддержку и искренность!!!..

Вы верно отметили, статья готовилась для руководителей, маркетологов - всех тех, кто определяет долгосрочные стратегии в бизнесе. Сегодня бренд "Михал Шпак" – это пример и конкретный практический результат брендинга на базе общечеловеческих ценностей и особой сильной идеологии. В будущем эти инструменты должны стать ориентиром. И не только на уровне руководителей.

Шоу-бизнес всегда опережал и задавал тренды всему обществу. Деградация началась с шоу-бизнеса. Михал Шпак – первый в шоу-бизнесе, кто своей жизнью запустил возрождение. Статья создавалась для тех в информационном обществе, кто "раньше других почувствует, что начались новые времена". Просто фаны это уже знают! Ведь исследование обобщило то, что уже было вокруг «виртуальной сцены» и в сердцах фанов, и фаны это подтвердили своими комментариями и таким фантастическим откликом. Как в рамках ВК-группы, так и в Польше, и в других странах. То, что независимо от географии фаны отреагировали практически одинаково, это очень важный показатель. Особенно важно было узнать из комментариев представителей Польши, что в статье - правда. Так уже было в истории, просто сейчас это иной технологичный формат. Именно поэтому я бесконечно счастлива, что статья заинтересовала прежде всего, фанов - тех, кто так искренно, открыто и глубоко это все чувствует сердцем! Истинная правда – в этом. Эти чувства беззащитные и настоящие, им невозможно не верить!…

Мне показалось, что все фаны Михала Шпака, независимо от страны, – это особенные, удивительные и уникальнейшие люди с тонким восприятием действительности!!! При этом, замечу, что это бунтари… (хотя, может, они так себя никогда и не назовут, но другие, наверняка, именно так и считают). Только эти «бунтари» не против правил или законов, а за(!) их выполнение. За правду и за справедливость!.. Ведь Михал Шпак всегда шел по правилам… Поэтому до конца его путь понимают и принимают такие же «бунтари», как, наверное, и он сам... Сейчас это называется «бунтарством». Хотя, наверное, всегда так называлось. А в жизни, к сожалению, не всегда правила выполняются даже самими авторами этих правил. Поэтому дело не в тех, кто голосует, комментирует, т.д. (их много), а в тех, кто подводит итоги…

Фаны, отстаивая Михала, отстаивают свои принципы правды и справедливости. Это, наверное, некое воплощение большой «Общечеловеческой мечты» (если перефразировать выражение «Американская мечта»)… Обычный человек-«бунтарь» в nonfiction-е о Михале Шпаке, даже если он и не его фан, найдет для себя определенный ориентир в условиях несправедливости. В этом, наверное, есть большая социальная миссия для всего человечества…
Поэтому то, что сейчас, возможно, произойдет перевод статьи на польский язык, а, благодаря Вашим репостам в ФБ, может, еще и на итальянский, - это просто сказочные события!.. Еще раз огромнейшее Вам спасибо!!! За ВСЁ спасибо!!!

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